World Class Transport Solutions

Mapai Transport has grown from humble beginnings 25 years ago with one truck and Jacob Luke’s desire to be the preferred transport operator on the Highlands Highway, to a fleet exceeding 100 prime movers transporting cargo including the basic stable food commodities to the very dangerous Cyanide for the mining community.

The Mapai fleet is made up of the ever reliable and proven Kenworth prime movers, and are backed by trailers specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the unique conditions of the Highlands Highway including fuel tankers and widening floats for Over Dimensional loads.

Mapai Transport has a dedicated recovery fleet to support its operations on the highway to promptly attend to any incidents, providing Mapai the ability to rescue the cargo to its destination with the least amount of disruption as possible.


Customs and Freight Forwarding

Mapai Customs and Freight forwarding Ltd has a team of dedicated staff that concentrate on
providing seamless, transparent and timely services to facilitate the import of goods into Papua New Guinea.

The team is backed by the recent installation of the EDI Enterprise software which is the very latest in cloud based technology giving “to the minute” information regarding ship and aircraft schedules and routes.

containersMapai Customs and Freight Forwarding was formed in  2008 to provide services to Mapai Transport’s clients, however, now it serves a much wider and diverse range of clients looking for a customer focused service that the team provides.

Global freight forwarding by air, sea, and road and other customized logistic services – with everything Mapai does, we seek to serve the customer by delivering a reliable and timely integrated freight solution.

Specialised Recovery Services

recoveryMapai has built up the recovery capacity over a number of years, built from the many years that Jacob Luke the Managing Director has operated on the Highlands Highway in Papua New Guinea.

The core equipment of the Recovery capability is two 6 x 6 Mercedes based tow trucks that Ekebol Australia have custom built to Lionel Astwood specifications. Lionel has been involved in the transport industry in PNG for many years giving him a unique insight into what was required to recover vehicles from the harsh terrain.

Specialised Hire Equipment

772GP_1_3000smlOver the last couple of years Jacob Luke has seen the need to have equipment available that is more specialised than the standard transport equipment.

So a company has been formed to handle the acquisition and subsequent hire of the equipment. The company has the ability to purchase equipment and lease back for companies that either don’t have ability to raise the outright capital to fund such purchases or choose not to own the equipment.

PNG HireQuip specialises in dry hiring the equipment but can hire the equipment complete with operators if required.